More Tales from Suburbia

Yes, it gets even crazier

by Brandi Haas


Yes, it gets even crazier… Life in the suburbs isn’t easy. Squeezing into those tiny chairs on back-to-school night. Finding your daughter’s beloved pet fish floating at the top of his bowl. Planning a romantic evening—only to fall asleep on the couch with your honey.

Luckily, we’ve got Brandi Haas to make us laugh. As the author of the popular blog “Tales from Suburbia,” Brandi tackles the big issues of our day. Learn how to hover over a restroom toilet seat and buy fat pants for your husband. See Brandi turn the table on telemarketers. Watch her prove that crazy can be just as effective as cleavage when trying to dodge a traffic ticket.

Heartfelt and seriously funny, More Tales from Suburbia: Yes, It Gets Even Crazier is like sharing a bottle of wine and conversation with your best girlfriend.

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