Dust Bunnies and Dead Bodies by Janis Thornton


Dust Bunnies and Dead Bodies is, without a doubt, one of the funniest and most endearing debut novels I’ve read in a very long time.  If intrepid small-town newspaper editor Crystal Cropper doesn’t win you over, you’ve either got no heart or your sense of humor has flat-lined.  Give this book a try.  I guarantee you, it’s a hoot.

--William Kent Krueger, Author of the Cork O'Connor Mystery Series


"First time author Janis Thornton is a skillful guide to small-town crime and corruption, and her protagonist, newspaper editor Crystal Cropper, is one intrepid investigator."

--Terence Faherty, Author of The Quiet Woman


When it comes to murder, forget the butler . . . it’s the housekeeper who knows where the bodies are buried.

Small-town newspaper editor Crystal Cropper never takes “no” for an answer, hates to be called a “senior citizen,” and uses the power of her pen to expose corruption in her small town.

Cleaning lady Gertie has a knack for sweeping skeletons out of closets—which makes her one of Crystal’s best informants. But Gertie’s latest hot tip has landed her in a coma, courtesy of an unknown assailant.

Now Crystal must follow the trail of dirt and gossip right to the doorsteps of several prominent local families to solve a decades-old murder and the disappearance of a young boy . . .

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In the funny and compelling Dust Bunnies & Dead Bodies, Janis Thornton has created a wacky world of oddball characters, most of whom seem capable of murder in their own twisted ways. Crystal Cropper is a worthy protagonist who takes on all comers as she fights to uncover the plot behind the coverup of long-ago events and the dirty laundry of the conspirators. Set in the seemingly-idyllic town of Elmwood, Indiana, the story pinballs from one potential suspect to another as it becomes clear that no one is quite who he or she seems. The story escalates to a thrilling climax that is as surprising as it is exciting. Highly recommended for fans of the cozy mystery.

--D.E. Johnson, Author of Detroit Shuffle